Sara Cunningham, author/activist and founder of the non-profit, Free Mom Hugs. Her journey began in conservative Oklahoma, when her son, Parker, came out as gay. As a woman of faith, she wrestled with the news, until she began to study, research, and reconcile the two worlds. She found herself on a journey “from the church to the Pride parade”, falling in love with the LGBTQ+ Community. In the wake of beautiful, glitter covered hugs, and heart-breaking, horror stories, the mission of Free Mom Hugs began. Now a movement across the country, and the world, Sara is going Beyond the Hug, to educate and advocate. Her passion is to change the narrative so that we as a society, not only learn to affirm the LGBTQ+ community, but celebrate them.

Psychotherapist, Gender Specialist & Sex Therapist
Dr. Eunice Avilés is a trans and human rights advocate, educator, and policy influencer informed by 18+ years of clinical practice with a wide variety of trans, gender diverse, queer, and cisgender individuals across the lifespan from diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds. Dr. Avilés is a sex therapist certified by the American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors, & Therapists (AASECT). She is the founder of Transcending Identities, Corp. and the developer of “Diversity, Inclusion, Justice, and Equity (DIJE) for All”, a curriculum created to help close the disparity gap experienced by individuals who are discriminated against and marginalized. 

As a Doctor of Psychology, Dr. Avilés specializes in the impact of minority stressors on the mental health of LGBTQI+ individuals and Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC). Dr. Avilés authored “Minority Stress Theory and Resilience-Building Practice” and co-authored “Intersectionality, Culturally Sensitive Care, and LGBTQ+ Youth” for the book “Mental Health Practice with LGBTQ+ Children, Adolescents, and Emerging Adults in Multiple Systems of Care”.  Dr. Avilés co-authored “Transfeminine Identities: Socioeconomic, Physical, Mental, and Sexual Status” for the book Comunidades Trans, Cuirs y No Binaria: Presencia y Resistencia. TRANSCENDING IDENTITIES CORP
Transcending Identities Corp. is committed to improving the quality of life of transgender and gender nonbinary individuals and others impacted by different forms of discrimination. From a trauma-informed and cultural humility perspective, Transcending Identities Corp. helps provide training and consulting to companies and organizations in the United States and abroad to establish a respectful workplace free of discrimination.

Dr Whelihan is a board-certified OB/GYN who has practiced in Palm Beach County, FL since 1997.  She graduated Alpha Omega Alpha from the University of South Florida College of Medicine and completed her residency at the University of Florida – Shands Jacksonville.  She practices gynecology in West Palm Beach and is a founding partner in the Center for Sexual Health and Education which is based in West Palm Beach.

She is the Compliance Chair for Florida Woman Care and sits on the Clinical Governance Board. She is a Past President of the Palm Beach County Medical Society, and the Past President of the Florida OBGYN Society. She is clinical preceptor for South University PA program and APRN program. She published a book in 2013 “Kiss and Tell: Secrets of sexual desire from women 15-97

Dr. Sidhbh (pronounced “Sive”) Gallagher is originally from Ireland. She is a double board-certified plastic surgeon who has dedicated her career to serving the transgender and non-binary community. She is extremely passionate about working with the transgender community and has developed procedures such as Masculoplasty® in order to improve patient outcomes.

Dr. Gallagher is particularly known for her excellent aesthetic and functional results in top surgeries and vaginoplasty. Dr. Gallagher specializes in offering patient-centered care with the most up-to date techniques. It has been the goal of Dr. Gallagher’s career to raise the bar for surgical treatment of transgender patients and as such she has lectured on her area of expertise and taught her peers extensively. She became an Assistant Professor at the Indiana University School of Medicine in 2015 where she founded and directed the University of Indiana Gender Affirmation Program. Dr. Gallagher now has a private practice in Miami, Florida.


Luna Lynx is a licensed Esthetician, Cosmetologist, and Massage therapist. She has proudly dedicated her life to body, mind, and soul integrative practices focused on Creatorhood. Luna believes in Sacred Sexuality, gladly sharing her deep knowledge of intimacy, vulnerability, and transparency. She’s been described as endearing, affable, and effervescent. She has an eccentric charm to her ever changing and evolving personality.  She’s Polyamorous, Pansexual, Kinky High Priestess with her Attention Dialed into a Higher Dimension. She experiences her bliss and power through her vulnerability encouraging the world to love and accept their magnificence.

Transgender Activist, Actress, Spiritualist, Author, Show Host, and Reality TV Personality Rajee Narinesingh is a multiracial transgender woman of color who is passionate about making a positive impact here in the world. She’s appeared on 35 TV shows worldwide doing her lgbtq+ activism and educating people about the risk of black market procedures. She also has a memoir out called “Beyond Face Value“, starred in a few movie productions, and appeared on three seasons of reality TV. Rajee’s focus is global activism, touching the world in positive ways, and spreading love in her own unique ways.

Rachel Stuckey is a transgender woman from Texas who served 24 years in the United States Marine Corps primarily as an intelligence officer before retiring in May of 2020.  Rachel spent over 3 & 1/2 years deployed between 6 deployments, 5 of which were in Iraq and Afghanistan, and she supported special operations for over 1/3 of her career. Rachel understands the political, institutional and cultural challenges of navigating the medical and mental healthcare maze necessary to treat combat-related PTSD and gender dysphoria, and although she is no longer with the government she is still here to help people like her by offering her knowledge and experience to help them become their authentic selves more fully and completely unapologetically just as she has.

Leland Koble is a 66 year old bio-female, non binary, two-spirit Gemini. Leland had top surgery in December of 2011 and is the co-founder of New Beginnings TLC – a transgender surgical recovery retreat in Florida, which began Feb 2012. New Beginnings has served almost 1,000 patients from around the world during their journey before closing due to Covid. Leland has been a nurse for over 40 years with his last 12 years in surgery. Lelands pronoun is Sir and is committed to service to his communities and to providing a safe space for transition, education, and growth. He is currently focused on being a catalyst for reclaiming Florida by producing the event, Beyond Gender!

Award-winning Sexologist who celebrates joy and committed to Black Sexual Liberation. Marla Renee Stewart, MA (she/her) is a sexologist, author, and sexual strategist who runs her own sexuality education company, Velvet Lips, and is also a Co-Founder of the Sex Down South Conference. She has studied human sexuality for more than 22 years and has given over 1000 workshops all over the world. She also has been featured on a variety of media outlets, including Netflix’s Trigger Warning with Killer Mike and Love & HipHop Atlanta. She co-wrote her first book, The Ultimate Guide to Seduction & Foreplay with Dr. Jessica O’Reilly, which debuted in April 2020.

The first Transgender Woman to win a National Title in an all Cisgender Beauty Pageant. Robyn has walked New York Fashion Week 3 times,  She has appeared in over 10 magazines. Robyn has been in 2 reality shows: Orlando Housewives and For The Love of AP. She played Monika in the movie Life Changes set to be released in late 2024 early 2025 

Robyn released her first of three books in 2020 and it is titled “It’s A Boy It’s A Girl,
A Transgender Story” Her book is the first book of a trilogy explaining her life story, starting with the pain and suffering of living in the incorrect body and then the struggles of living as the man she was never meant to be. For years, Robyn tried to make everyone around her happy and live as Robert, until she finally had enough and decided that it was time to finally stop suffering and be who she was always meant to be. You will learn about all the joys Robyn went through as she became the woman she should have always been until one day she was forced to change.

Jillian Abby has mastered reinvention throughout her life to create the most whole and satisfying journey. She left the comfort of her hometown of Buffalo, NY, to study abroad in Cochabamba, Bolivia, at age 15. As an adult, her resume includes Certified Public Accountant, Licensed Massage Therapist, craft beer bar owner, homeschooling parent, black belt martial artist, and CEO of her corporate storytelling business, Storyteller Soul, LLC. Her most recent role as a newly out lesbian and advocate for the LGBTQ+ community was by far her riskiest and most rewarding change. Her memoir, Perfectly Queer, was selected as a global contest winner by Hay House Publishing and has been published in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia. Perfectly Queer hit #1 on Amazon’s list of New Releases for LGBTQ Biographies and Memoirs and was featured by Good Morning America on their list of “15 delightful books perfect for spring reading.”

Jillian serves on the board of the 501(c)3 organization, Tampa Homeschool Inclusive Events (TBHIvE), and is a member of Tampa’s LGBT Chamber of Commerce. She offers virtual LGBTQ+ support sessions for people in their coming out journey and those who wish to understand the LGBTQ+ better and need a space where they can ask open and honest questions. She loves to open hearts and minds through her podcast, Life and Love in the Q, her blog site, and via TikTok at @AskQueerAbby. Jillian lives in Tampa Bay with her partner, Jen, their wildly wacky children, Sophie and Ollie, and a rescue cat named Poe.

Licensed Mental Health Counselor

Mr. Klifton Fehr is a healer, bridge and communication champion within the corporate world and community. Mr. Fehr has been working with companies throughout the US and Canada since the beginning of the pandemic with both group and individual executive coaching and sensitivity training to assist C-Suite executives as well as middle management. Prior to touching hearts throughout corporate America, Mr. Fehr has been a practicing counselor and therapist to private clients within the local
community and throughout the US. His work with organizations such as the Michael Brown Foundation “Chosen Fathers for Change”, Face The Music “Get In Tune”, Scars Foundation and several other for profit and not-for-profit organizations, affords opportunities for Mr. Fehr to do the work he loves in group therapy settings. Having become the adopted son of two amazing humans and prominent therapists, Dr. Scott Fehr and Mrs. Ellen Fehr, in later life, Klifton was provided with the loving support and stability needed to recover from a long line of generational trauma, historic losses, depression and additional maladaptive behaviors.

Currently, Mr. Klifton Fehr is a standing adjunct member of the American Group Psychotherapy Association. He is an Internationally Certified Group Psychotherapist, a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, credentialed as an International Leadership and Management Level 7 Executive Coach. Mr. Fehr is working to establish the “Elizabeth Fehr Foundation” honoring his late grandmother, while funding the advancement of counseling psychology within the Black community.

Counselor, PhD, LMHC, PTR

I am humbled to work in a profession where I am often the first person to bear witness to stories of strength, transition, pain, loss and celebration from diverse populations; individuals, couples, LGBTQ populations and families in need of tools to better understand, navigate, balance and enjoy their lives. It is both a science and an art to be able to counsel effectively. I specialize in Sex Therapy, Brief Solution-Focused Therapy, Clinical Hypnosis, Eating Disorders, Expressive Arts Therapies and Cognitive Behavioral modalities for over 35 years and I am continuously learning new skills to better serve my client base. My specialties in Sex Therapy, Hypnosis, Bereavement Counseling and the Expressive Art Therapies allows me to assist clients struggling with complex issues to access solutions more readily and completely. Brief Solution-Focused Therapy and Cognitive Behavioral techniques are also utilized to eliminate destructive patterns and enhance lives.

I am Lorenzo A. Davis, Aka (L. Hayes) Recording Neo-Soul Artist,  health advocate, activist, Film Maker,  Project Designer, Visionary Consultant and entrepreneur. I am originally from the inner city of Miami, Florida, eldest of four brothers. I was born June 5, 1988, and like most Gemini’s, was very creative and free spirited at an early age. My biggest influences have been my mother and grandmother, who laid the groundwork for the person I have become today.  Facing many adversities, challenges, and stigma of “inner-city life”, my mother and grandmother proved that raising four (4) males to be different from the social standards set by society could be done. With their hard work, guidance, prayers and perseverance; I was molded to show the character, morals and intellect of an upright individual.

While attending Florida Christian Academy, I found my passion: theatrical arts; for which I have a profound love for. As a result, “Baggage Claim” was created to help inspire and uplift communities and heal the broken and down-trodden. I have also learned to channel my creativity through singing and dancing and Candle-Making! Just remember: Faith, Hard-Work, Good Morals, Sound Goals, A Positive Attitude and an Undying belief will give way to a brighter tomorrow!

Scott Migliori is the principal of the Migliori Law Firm, P.A., where he focuses on disability benefits law. He graduated cum laude from Bryn Mawr College with a major in Gender and Sexuality Studies. While attending the University of Virginia School of Law, Scott was president of the LGBTQ+ law student organization and interned at Lambda Legal. Scott is admitted to practice in Florida and Pennsylvania, as well as several U.S. District Courts.Scott is the 2020 recipient of UVA Law’s Alzarez-Coughlin award for his service to the LGBTQ community, including being UVA Law’s first trans student.  He is the co-founder of the Trans Collaborative Network, a trans-led non-profit. He was also the organizer of Florida’s first pro bono name and gender marker change clinic.

Proud parent to four kids, Founder and president of PFLAG Miami, Appointed member of HRC Parents for Transgender Equality Council, LGBTQ+ chair for Miami Dade Council of PTA/PTSA, CO-leader for Miami Coalition for Queer Youth AND Equality Florida’s Parents and Families Support Manager

Donna Weinberger and Jaki Neering collectively embody a dynamic force in LGBTQ+ healthcare, seamlessly blending innovation and compassion. As pioneering figures, Donna & Jaki have reshaped traditional healthcare systems, focusing specifically on the transgender and gender-diverse community. Founding, three transformative companies—Inspire Recovery, Pride Detox, and Q Space Detox—Donna is committed to providing safe and affirming healthcare for LGBTQ+ individuals, while Jaki has created and implemented a trauma-informed approach to affirming healthcare, tailored to the unique needs of the transgender and gender-diverse community. Donna & Jaki’s impact extends further through the nonprofit Transpire Help, providing housing, substance use treatment, and life saving interventions for the LGBTQ+ community. Devoted to serving the LGBTQ community on their journey of self-discovery, self-love, and long-term sobriety, Jaki & Donna assist individuals in finding their voice, advocating for self-expression, and passionately believing in the transformative potential of recovery. Together, Donna and Jaki create a powerful synergy, advancing LGBTQ+ healthcare, fostering inclusivity, and supporting individuals on their paths to wellness and self-discovery.

Murphy spent a decade as a professional emcee and award-winning stand-up comedian. He continues to perform as a storyteller and public speaker, using his humor and stage presence to unpack some of life’s most difficult topics with levity and grace. 
A survivor of suicide, Murphy has a passion for mental health awareness and suicide prevention. He gives back to the LGBTQ youth community as a crisis counselor for the Trevor Project. Working with youth in crisis inspired Murphy to do more for the LGBTQ community outside of moments of crisis. Having already created several viral TikTok comedy accounts, Murphy brought his TikTok skill to LGBTQ advocacy creating the Accepting Uncle Murphy channel. Accepting Uncle Murphy is based on the idea that one accepting adult in the life of an LGBTQ youth cuts the risk of suicide in half. Murphy creates warm, supportive, and accepting videos in a sea of divisive content as a surrogate accepting family member for those who may need one online. His content often focuses on de-stigmatizing mental health and suicide, with a personal focus on how allies can best show up for individuals struggling with depression and suicidal ideation.Murphy is also in the process of launching an apparel brand designed to create clothes that support the LGBTQ community in styles beyond the rainbow aesthetic. We should all be able to show pride while presenting in our chosen aesthetic. Heavy Metal Pride, Country Club Trans Rights Chic, or even subtle signals of safety in backwards parts of the country, there are ways to communicate Pride beyond the rainbow.

We, Alacks Jaan, are 49 years old and live with what is termed “severe mental illness”.  During the course of our life, we have been through many transitions.  We met our lovely wife, Noelle, in 2015 and married in 2023.  Our life is built upon being of service to others which means speaking about mental health.  We also firmly believe that a mental illness diagnosis is NOT an excuse for bad behavior or refusal to grow. 
We were approximately halfway through the diagnosis of Dissociative Identity Disorder when we met Noelle.  Gender and gender identity has become part of our life as all of our alters are a bit different.  Currently, one of our main alters, Alex, is transitioning to male.  He and Noelle will be talking about our life, our marriage, and how we have navigated this all while remaining completely in love and continuing to build and improve our foundation.


Nikolas Montolio is a passionate youth leader eager to share wisdom from his gender transition to help younger generations feel seen and empowered. Nikolas quickly discovered his calling to empower young people and made it his life’s work to do so.

Post-graduation, Nikolas joined YES Institute’s Youth Empowerment Council, where he was one of the four dedicated youth interviewers for the Legacy Couples Project, in partnership with HistoryMiami Museum and Miami Beach Pride. In March 2022, Nikolas joined the YES Institute as the Youth Empowerment Coordinator. He meets and supports numerous families and youth who are coming out as transgender and nonbinary, and presents to hundreds of educators in school systems as well as mental health and medical professionals on transgender and nonbinary inclusion.

Christine Daily, knew at an early age she was in the wrong body. At 14 as a very confused male who couldn’t tell the world who he really was in life, he found helping other as a cadet for a volunteer EMS. Christine in her make form spent her life hiding who she was by living in a male life as a Firefighter Paramedic hiding “the girl trapped in the boy”. In 2006 life changed as a work-related accident almost taking her life. Two years later she started a journey with a reluctant wife at the time. After the accident she became a program director at a local college, still hiding who she was. In 2016 she came out fully to the world and was terminated by the college as they didn’t want someone like her running a successful EMS program. She was hired as a paramedic in the emergency room based on her skill set by Emory University Hospital System. Fully accepted in her role, her employer fully covered her gender confirmation surgery in 2022.
Christine currently works as a paramedic nurse extender and teaches in the ED nurse residents program on transgender care in the ED. Christine is currently married to Robyn Reeder and is relocating to Florida.

Alex Bender brings over two decades of experience in advocacy and leadership, centered on the belief that the world needs more individuals championing the rights and needs of the overlooked.  His professional focus in Software Quality Assurance with roles at Norton, and Renaissance Learning provided a career evolution from customer advocacy to championing his teams and the broader industry. Beyond professional pursuits, Alex’s passion for leadership extends through his involvement with the ManKind Project, martial arts, and dance. He is dedicated to his mission to create a playful and supportive world through sacred leadership.

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